The case of a 7-year-old girl caught playing Blue Whale Game should chill us to the bone

Mental health of teens

Just a few weeks back, a chilling phenomenon which was taking lives of teenagers across the world, came to India like a chilling slap; the Blue Whale game. It was a game of death, a game that manipulated the already fragile mental health of teens going through hormonal issues, and ended with the challenge of them taking their lives. You may contest, in all maturity, that how thick a person has to be, in order to fall for something so obviously devious, but whatever we may say, it is happening, and we were awoken from the slumber when a teen from Mumbai was the first victim in the country, of the game.

If this is not the only thing that can chill your bones, we have something else for you. A 7-year-old girl’s video has surfaced, wherein she was caught playing the game through a suspicious application, and was told to so by students as young as belonging to 5th and 6th standards. Her aunt, fortunately, noticed the same, and after scolding her, lovingly coaxed out the whole thing, while recording it, so as to make others aware of the same.

This will send chills down your spine, because firstly, we have given such young children cell phones and other mediums, which further plays with their delicate brain and can divert them in any direction, and secondly, children as young as these are falling prey to the deadly game. The child clearly explains that she was coaxed into playing the game by kids who are not much older than her, and it should bother us all collectively.

Watch the videos here.

Teens have a brittle state of mind, but so do the kids who are growing too fast now. The mental state of an 11-year-old is equivalent to that of a 15-year-old, and so and so forth the ratio of adult mentality, coupled with confusing thoughts and kicking hormones, make a dangerous combination.

The practice of giving kids gadgets, just to get some peace of mind, and get them off our heads, is not one to be taken lightly. Our kids are now more familiar with gadgets than they are with books, and they are without any monitoring. You have no idea what might be reaching to them and what might be shaping their mind, and in what manner.

Talk to your kids. The Blue Whale Game takes advantages of their insecure and growing mind, and urges them to harm themselves. Educate your kids mentally, make their mind and hearts healthy and open to your love and other beautiful things that are enjoyable and educational. Technology can wait.

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    • agon
    • September 27, 2017

    very dangerous game

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